Enterprise Transparency Platform


Velero's Enterprise Transparency Platform consists of enterprise portfolio planning and execution. Velero's integrated solution provides a fast and easy access to all aspect of portfolio planning and execution such as defining strategic objectives, estimated resources, budget, risk/issue, mandate, status and activities, with the ability to attach and upload related documents directly within the product interface using Microsoft SharePoint or any document management tool. Advanced features such as project life cycle management help to monitor who is working on your projects and what they are working on. Additionally, Velero ETP enable executives quickly view the calculated estimated costs and full resource allocation information. Velero ETP includes fully integrated time, resource and budget management modules and support Kanban agile methodology.

Portfolio Planning

Mandate/Idea capture, Automatic Score Card, Risks/Issue Management, Strategy Alignment, Priority Setting, Resource Estimation, RIO, and SWOT Analysis.

Portfolio Execution

Mandate/Idea capture, Automatic Scoring, Risks/Issue Management, Strategy Alignment, Priority Setting, Resourcing, Time and Change Management. Kanban Support.

Effective Management

Time Management, Key-task tracking, Project and PMO reporting, Risk, Issue Management, Change Management, Project Capitalization (SOP98-1).


Resource Allocation, Resource & Management Dashboard, Report Engine, Internal Controls,  Easy integration with 3rd party software, i.e., Financial & HR. Integrated Jira module.

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