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Professional & Consulting Services

Velero Technology provides professional and consulting services in the areas of Project Portfolio Management, Enterprise Architecture, Data Architecture and Governance, and Interim CTO/CIO.
Velero Technology's professional and consulting services can guide clients in making decisions and developing strategies that bring results and establish concrete plans for the future.


To deliver comprehensive project portfolio solutions that provide businesses with practical, cost effective and scalable software that will bridge the gap and align technology and business, thus enhancing communication, expense control, and project performance.


In a period of tight budgets and often-limited resources, it is increasingly critical for enterprises of all sizes to be adroit in their ability to quickly implement and adapt to changing strategies and circumstances. Information Technology and business managers also need to collaborate more closely using transparent decision processes to determine which programs in a project portfolio have the best combination of strategic value and ROI.
To accurately determine the best combinations of a project’s strategic value and ROI within a portfolio of multiple priorities is a sophisticated optimization process that factors complex inputs of strategic value, budget, resources, skill set profiles and scheduling. Velero’s Project Portfolio Management (vPPM) solution makes this complex decision process easy. Once decisions have been made, vPPM tracks program execution with powerful yet easy to use real-time analytics to determine which programs are on track, which are not and what adjustments across the portfolio are necessary to achieve results.

© Copyright 2017 Velero Technology - All Rights Reserved